22 October 2016


To try and ease my restless mind, I decided to cross Øresund and pay Malmö a visit. Just a day trip, but maybe it'd do the trick and let me have a feeling of traveling. It did. I brought Kristiane with me, and despite picking a day that turned out to be immensely grey and drizzly, it was a very nice trip. We met Hanna for a fika and a catch-up - I can't believe it's already been almost three years since we last saw each other! I've been to Malmö before but it's been at least 10 years and it was nice knowing that it only takes about an hour to get there from my front door. I love Scandinavia like that.
The Malmö architecture reminded me so much of Stockholm's. The feeling of walking around in a 50's movie never leaves.
Gamla Staden (old part of town) was lovely and I took many photos of facades and houses and doors as you see...
This facade reminded me of Berlin.
Hi from Kristiane and I!

20 October 2016


Yesterday, I spent the whole day in Fredensborg, a little town north of Copenhagen that I consider to be the closest thing to a hometown for me. I've moved around a lot, but I have lived in Fredensborg twice and 8 years in total, and I love that place. I went up there with Tine, one of my best friends. We go back to primary school and we spent the day at her parents' house. It was like being 15 again, and it was so magical walking around, seeing my old house, breathing the fresh air of the forest and just reminisce about the years I spent in Fredensborg. The leaves were on fire which only added to the magic.
Just look at those leaves...!
The castle is one of my favourites around because it's so simple and elegant.
Oh just look at that!
The park has changed a lot since I moved away from Fredensborg in 2007. It's been restored to its original state which means that lots of trees have been cut down or moved. I liked the more raw park from before but I guess there's a reason for everything...

13 October 2016

Autumn is here

I don't think it's ever been so long between posts here. For that I am sorry and I hope you still pop by once in a while. Here, things are getting autumnal. I am contemplating my life and wondering whether I am going to forever be restless or if a settled life is actually what I want. I am figuring things out, thinking about threads in my life, wondering about what can happen if I let it. I am also doing other things, and a few of them are here:
In late August, I visited my grandparents' house in north Jutland for the last time. It was a strange thing; they have lived in that little town for 50 years and it's been the single constant place in my life. And I have been thinking a lot about it lately, how strange it is that we won't be going back there anymore. Now they live in southern Sealand and while it's great to be closer to them, I will miss our time by the golden fields and the far stretched plains. When I flew back to Copenhagen from Aalborg, I looked down on that scenery from above and couldn't help but feel a little sad.
In the beginning of September, I threw a housewarming. It was a good night and NP and Anna came all the way from Aarhus to be there. Despite having to catch a bus back home at 9 in the morning, they were the last to leave and I felt so grateful. And just look at those two!
My mom and youngest brother came by for a sleepover and we had brunch in the morning. So. Much. Cake!
Copenhagen was gracious with the light in September where summer finally came around for an Indian Summer. So needed.
In late September, I spent a day in London interviewing an Australian author and wandering around the city. That's when my 'crisis' started as I was suddenly reminded of how much I miss living outside Denmark. It sounds so spoiled but I miss the adventure and I feel as if my life is going nowhere and everything is the same everyday. First world problem I guess, but I haven't been quite happy since I came back.
Except for my apartment. How I love the light and the feeling of being at home.
This weekend I visited my mom in Jutland. I decided to go early and spend Friday in Aarhus. I saw friends for lunch and caught up and it was so great. In the afternoon, I met up with NP and Anna for a coffee before we took the train to Herning.
La Cabra is by far my favourite coffee pusher in Denmark. I wish they would open up a branch in Copenhagen!
On Saturday, we were supposed to go to Skagen as neither Anna nor Signe have ever been, but there was a marathon so we changed plans and went south to Ribe. I've never been there and what a beautiful little town. So quaint with little coloured houses and cobbled stones.
It rained and felt so autumnal. I can't really grasp that the light is disappearing more and more each day and that everything is so cold. I wish I were in a better mood and I could cope better. Have to do something to take my mind off things. Anyone willing to swap apartment with me for a weekend somewhere?

13 August 2016

A few weeks back

There was a long summer break on this little site so I'm behind on things. Because there were good times between June and Italy as well. Some of them are here in visual form;
I had lunch with my uncle at Dyrehaven. I love their food; simple, good and very reasonably priced.
My aunt, who lives in Israel, came to visit for a few days in the end of May. I took her on a little sightseeing trip around Copenhagen and we started off with a trip to Christiansborg's tower. I love the view from up there.
Apart from a few days, the summer hasn't exactly been generous with the sun...
I did get a tan though, because I spent those few sunny days on the rooftop (btw, snapchat is kseberlin)
I love Nørrebrogade. Also in rain.
Another rainy day in Vesterbro. But the houses are lovely.
In the end of June, I went to North Jutland to do a story and stayed a few days at my grandparents' house. It rained (surprise) but made for a lush visit to Lille Vildmose.
The next day I flew to Bornholm for another story. I have never flown in a propeller plane but it turned out to be quite enjoyable.
Malmö looks alright from above.
I crammed in a lot of work in June to be ready for holiday in the beginning of July. I love the view from the office.
In July, I got the keys for the apartment in Nørrebro and spent afternoons painting and organizing. Nearby coffee shop Heimdalsgade22 became my new go-to place. The guys there are so sweet and I love the vibe. They also happened to feature the poster for my brother's band (up in the left corner). That felt just right.
While the apartment was getting ready, I spent the month of July living at my father's house in the north. That meant spending a lot of time with the youngest brother who still lives at home. I can't describe how great it is to hang out with him. We have so many in-jokes and we laugh and talk and take trips in the car to Elsinore. It's the best.
But Copenhagen is pretty great, too.